Enjoy Suffolk’s spectacular scenery with Immerse in Suffolk’s breath taking Natural Beauty

Delight in Enchanting Winter Wanderings
and Warm Summer Walks

Nestled within the captivating Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Marsh View beckons as your ultimate gateway. Immerse yourself in the heart of picturesque Aldeburgh, where the pastel-hued 19th Century villas gracefully line the promenade, inviting you to explore the enchanting galleries, original boutiques, and renowned local haunts that adorn the elegant streets. Venture beyond the town’s embrace, and find yourself immersed in open fields, ancient forests, and captivating lake lands, with pristine beaches calling out to be discovered. Whether you dare to conquer the seas with the local sailing club, revel in the harmonies at Snape Maltings, or engage in business affairs in Ipswich, Aldeburgh’s prime positioning ensures effortless access to near and far, opening a world of possibilities.

Aldeburgh, with its timeless allure, promises an extraordinary experience throughout the year. Follow in the footsteps of Benjamin Britten as you explore The Red House, traverse the sandy shores near the historic Martello Tower, or immerse yourself in the magic of cinema at the iconic Art Deco Aldeburgh Cinema.

Situated just under seven miles from the A12, with direct routes to Ipswich, Colchester, and beyond, Marsh View presents a realm where every amenity lies within your grasp, effortlessly connecting you to a world of convenience and possibility.

Aldeburgh Town Centre

Visit clothes boutiques, antiques and arts, independent bookshops, cinema and a huge variety of culinary temptation.

Tunstall Forest

Take the Viking Trail with your bike or just explore the beautiful scenery and it's species on foot with your dog.

Aldeburgh Beach

Take a walk alongside the sea next to the old fishing boats and the beautiful Maggie Hamlin sculpture all the way down to the historic Martello Tower.


Escape from the hustle and the bustle to Orford's peaceful and relaxing environment. The village has something to offer for everyone.


Enjoy the outstanding natural beauty on the world-renowned landmark and visit the remarkable Victorian industrial buildings for world-class events, cafés, shops and galleries.


Explore the variety of historical buildings around the town and meet the local vintage-, craft- and farmer's market.