Aldeburgh Town Centre

Once home to composer Benjamin Britten, a hub of culture and fine dining

Aldeburgh was once home to the composer Benjamin Britten and has since been the centre of the international Aldeburgh Festival of arts at nearby Snape Maltings. The town is complete with clothes boutiques, independent stores a vast selection of fine dining restaurants and of course the rightly-renowned fish and chips! The Michelin star restaurant- The Lighthouse is a popular location serving fresh steak and fish along with a desirable dessert menu. One of the show case pieces of the town centre is the 19th Century holiday villas which line the promenade and is renowned far and wide.

Wander along the pebble beach to find the local fisherman selling their fresh ‘catch of the day’. The vast expanse of horizon is beautiful and awe inspiring, twinned with the four-metre-high ‘Scallop’ designed and celebrated by Suffolk born Maggi Hambling. Made by local craftsmen Sam and Dennis Pegg, entirely out of steel the sculpture is inscribed ‘I hear those voices that will not be drowned’ from Britten’s famous opera Grimes.

Aldeburgh Town Centre

Visit clothes boutiques, antiques and arts, independent bookshops, cinema and a huge variety of culinary temptation.

Tunstall Forest

Take the Viking Trail with your bike or just explore the beautiful scenery and it's species on foot with your dog.

Aldeburgh Beach

Take a walk alongside the sea next to the old fishing boats and the beautiful Maggie Hamlin sculpture all the way down to the historic Martello Tower.


Escape from the hustle and the bustle to Orford's peaceful and relaxing environment. The village has something to offer for everyone.


Enjoy the outstanding natural beauty on the world-renowned landmark and visit the remarkable Victorian industrial buildings for world-class events, cafés, shops and galleries. 


Explore the variety of historical buildings around the town and meet the local vintage-, craft- and farmer's market.